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eyehaat.com is one of the sister concerns of SIGNATURE Group. eyehaat.com is an e-commerce based business concern committed to its service and product quality. eyehaat.com is dealing with daily necessary groceries in Mirpur region. We may state humbly but emphatically that eyehaat.com is one of the companies handling the service of its stated area with utmost attention & care. At the same time, we are meticulous in every detail in selecting and supplying the best quality groceries.

The daily grocery collection becomes very time consuming and painful task for every working person in Dhaka City. Sometimes we get very much unusual experience while shopping groceries from nearby market. Our holidays become “The Bazaar” day of our regular life. eyehaat.com will reduce your time consumption and give you the opprtunity to take some rest in your holydays. Just a click or touch on your device, we are waiting at your door step with your required daily groceries.

We hope our grocery quality and service will provide yiur such comfort which you may not think before. eyehaat.com is here to help you 24/7. eyehaat.com, you can trust us.

Our Vision

eyehaat.com has the vision of becoming the mid-level grocery on-line shop within an earlier timeframe by producing digitalized service and best quality groceries with the gaining of complete satisfaction of clients.

“Your Daily Needs…“the pay-off means the journey to serve clients with their desired & expected groceries. eyehaat.com has already planned for its warehouses at 6 locations at Mirpur area to provide quick deliveries in an earlier time. The warehouse will reduce the consumption of more time for collecting daily groceries.